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Baby given overdose of testosterone

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Baby given overdose of testosterone
30 June 2005 

A baby given 10 times the prescribed dose of testosterone began to grow pubic hair and was left vulnerable to a painful side effect.

The nurse who accidentally gave the overdose, which left the baby irritable, angry and often inconsolable, breached the code of patient rights, the Health and Disability Commissioner has found.

The infant, identified as Baby A, had a rare congenital condition that resulted in a very small penis. To avoid later teasing, the baby was prescribed a course of three 25-milligram injections of testosterone enanthate one month apart, to enlarge its penis to normal size. [Read More]

This is a terrible tragedy. even the correct dose is a tragedy if the baby is a girl. I wish him or her a peaceful wonderful life.


This is a travesty. When will parents and doctors learn to stop trying to make life altering decisions for children who cannot speak for themselves. Most of us knew at a very early age that our physical gender was wrong. Would it have been that much trouble to wait until the child could at least convey his or her preference, before engaging in dangerous hormonal therapy the child may not even want. Did these people stop to consider that the "problem", if it really was one, might just correct itself? I doubt it!


While I agree that this is a tragedy, I hope that the parents of the child made the descision based on love, and not fear.  As parents we want only the best for our children.  Sometimes those want's are misguided, but we do our best with the information that we have at the time, the society in which we live, and the values we were raised with.

This is not mean't as a rebutle, but just a thought from a parent who is having a hard time with the possible loss of a daughter.

But on the flip side, presumably the child is male, and identifies as such…

Given that child can’t speak for themselves yet. The option for a (presumably) normal life is available.  What should be done? The majority of babies born with those parts desire those parts. Logically, the best choice is the make those parts “normal”.

This is presuming, of course, that the option to ‘fix’ what went wrong exists now and not later.

The logic, “To avoid later teasing”, is garbage however.


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