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What about parents?

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sorry - i do ramble.  i'm not very good at wording things and i oftentimes get convoluted.

maybe having a baby without registering to be capable of parenting it first (or without special circumstances (such as rape)) should be a crime.  that would stop people shagging like nobody's business without a thought or a care... or at least punish them for bringing a life into the world without the means or the will to give it the life it deserves at bare minimum.

maybe social attitudes should shift so that it's no longer acceptable for parents to be so possessive about 'their' children.  ie. one phrase in particular - "how dare you tell me how to raise my children!" - demonstrates the seriousness of that part of the situation.  well if you won't accept advice from anybody, how ever are you going to learn?  and if somebody else thinks something's wrong, isn't it in your childrens' best interests to at least listen to what they have to say?  stuff like that.

disowning a family member should also be something that's very difficult to do - as should be opting to neglect to give a damn.  like i say, people who aren't going to give a damn, shouldn't make babies!  that's why the whole "official setup" thing i suggest in the second paragraph in this reply would be so helpful - it doesn't assume that a family take on the responsibility - it requires it.  and if something goes wrong, explanations must be heard, and reasons argued over.  so you lose a little privacy maybe.  i'd swap that for the prevention of bad blood and broken homes from being a commonplace occurrence, anyday.  in fact, forget marriage altogether - make it for the rights to make babies instead - that would be much more practical.

firstly, i don't agree with casual sex just for the high.  if you're going to do that, just get a damn toy.  same high.  no messing with peoples' lives.  lots of problems solved there.... i wouldn't think going about legislating that would do any good however - changing peoples' attitudes and perceptions - much more effective than just simply changing laws.  with today's media machine, it shouldn't be very difficult, either!!

i don't know... it just seems like sex > everything, these days.  when i hear of stuff like rapists not being kept away from non-rapists for the ACTUAL remainder of their lives... and likewise paedophiles away from children... it just saddens me.  what possible justification is there for that?  WHY are these people not neutered?  don't gimme that "it's all about the power, not the sex" argument - doesn't really make a difference here - given a choice between being beaten up and being raped, i know which i'd go for - and neutering prevents the other, so it's useful... NOT for retribution.  NOT for a vague sense of what's right.  for the thing and the only thing which is important - to prevent it from ever happening again, or in the first place, as much as possible.

so why don't they do that?  why does this seem 'extreme' to them?  why is it considered 'unfair' or 'undue' punishment?  barbaric?  what then about the victim, was that not infinitely more barbaric?  so why not then?  my guess - "because it's sex, and sex is sacred and we can't touch anything to do with sex".  or something stupid like that.  i don't know.

it just sickens me, the way sex is everywhere and everything is something to do with sex.  it's a bloody disease of some kind or something.  why can't it just simply be what it actually is and nothing more?  people should treat it with the respect it deserves, not as some kind of "gimme x1000" free automatic privelege to be abused at will!  my theorey is that it's that kind of environment which causes a LOT of the problems of the modern world - including children being disowned when discovered to be <not allowed> one issue amongst so many others.  caused by the environment... environment caused by attitudes... attitudes pumped through the idiot box and absorbed by idiots.  unfortunately there are lots of people about who can't be bothered to not be an idiot.

you know what i heard on the news a few months ago?  teacher caught abusing her position with a minor.  friggin' child abuser.  what did she get?  NOT A YEAR.  NOT EVEN A SINGULAR BLEEDIN' YEAR.  should be life = life = life = rest of natural life with no reduction, and instead it's a ruddy few months.  what has the world come to?  she was smiling, too!  she didn't give a damn!  she didn't get punished at all - she effectively PURCHASED an abuse session with a 15-y-old kid.  bloody purchased it for a few months of lock-up, buy now pay later.  horrible just horrible.

i'm sorry i know i go on about this too much, but can you blame me for being paranoid and angry at the state of things when this is the world we are meant to be thankful for living in?



okay, i've calmed down now.  it just... boils my blood, i'm afraid, when i get on that subject.

the original thing i was only ever going to say before going off on a complete tangent... simply a comment on how refreshing it is to read that there are still good decent caring people about.

I agree Svetland,

It was dsigusting yet a male did the same thing with a girl and went to gaol. It is an abuse of trust. I don't send my kids to school to be taken advantage of by someone in a position of trust.

Our kids are a very precious comodity and as adults it is our job to nurture them into the world of adults.



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