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What about parents?

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I debated adding a more pronounced “for parents” board, but ultimately, I my mind, this SO board fits the bill, I think. To me, as a child of my Mother and Father, my Mother and Father are my Significant Others. Perhaps in that I have never been married my view is slanted.

For what it is worth I suggested to my Father (who sits to my left, by the by) to drop by. It’s summer here finally and his gyro copter is holding his attention pretty good though so who knows ;)

From where I stand, in my situation with my wonderful parents, what I need of them is to be there, to offer advice and support. To keep me grounded in reality. To be there to talk to… really, all those things parents normally do for their children.

I agree with the others, parents are definitely a significant part of our lives therefore this is the place for them to seek advice, and offer help and assistance to others.  I have yet to come out to my parents, and I'm not sure if I will.  They now live in England and our relationship has always been on the cool side.  My mother married three time and we were always on the move, so we were never able to set down roots.  Jessica is blessed to have parents who obviously love and support her, they are definitley couragous.

Wajdi this is a great place to start.  There is lots of information and help here, not to mention a wealth of sound advice.

Definetly just to echo what everyone else has said.... Yea you are a significant other,  my spouse is TG and I've been itching to have another member who has a family member who is TG :)   we're all family.... family are definetly significant other people in your life, eh :) ...

Its great to hear that you're supporting Jess, I'm sure it was really hard for her to come out and tell you... And I also respect you may not agree with her decisions but Its great that as a loving parent, you're sticking by her :) 

as for advice, Just post around the board... all of the folks here are so sweet, and understanding... 4years made a post just today,455.0.html its basically an ettiquate guide for those who have any relationship with a <not allowed> person..... I found it very helpful :)

Perhaps the Parents/Loved Ones section of’s Reference Library is of value.

Its really great that youve decided to support her choice, though I know it may not be easy at first, it is best for all concerned. An open, honest relationship is a healthy one and god knows she's been under enough stress keeping this to herself. I wish you the best in your journey and you have my admiration.

Sarah :)


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