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Wanting HRT
« on: July 01, 2005, 04:58:28 am »
Since i found myself iv been doing a lot of thinking and iv decided i want hrt so im going to go to my gp and see about having hrt.

Just hope my parents wont notice any changes after i start.
I know one day iv got to tell them but i just hope its after i find a job so that if they do throw me out and disown me then i can get a place of my own.

iv been close to telling my therapist about the way i feel but i just cant get the words out maybe its becuase iv never told anyone in the flesh before.

I have a few questions Does anyone have any uk links for things like cd supprt groups or clubs etc and i also heard that theres a org out there somewhere in the uk that have a big sister thingy where you  can have your own sister and support one antoher or something like that.Anyone heard of this?.


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I’m not certain how the UK works in this regard; Most doctors in the USA follow the SOC and as such therapist permission is required. At least, such as my understanding goes.

I kind of advise telling therapist before talking to the GP. Perhaps write a letter to your Therapist before the session; Perhaps that would make it easier for you?

Tammy, I really hope you have put A LOT of thinking into this, both the good and the bad. Especially the bad.

The more I think about it the more I think you should tell your therapist.

Keep your eyes open and be both safe and smart about what you do (=


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hello Tammy,

                 I hope you talk to your therapist and your doctor before you start any kind of hrt, herbal or otherwise.

From reading your posts and your profile i think you identify as a male c/d. Sometimes we don't always know exactly where we fit on the gender scale. if you are c/d and part of the desire to dress is sexual, hrt can cause you to loose that feeling. hrt can cause sterilization, loss of libido and impotency , seemingly very high prices to pay unless you are a woman and don't want those things. We all want to look as feminine and pretty as we can and hrt can help a little but if it causes you to loose your desire to dress up, to have an erection and to ever have children is it worth it?




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Hello Tammy.

Make sure you read and heed the advice posted here.  You really don't seem to be that sure of yourself, as you're even having trouble talking about this to your therapist, you have to find out WHY you want it.  I don't even think it will not make you a better CD. Speak with your therapist about this and if the ok is given then they will usually give a referal for HRT to give to your GP.  Research the WIKI here and get as much info on HRT as you can get and make sure you understand it, the risks, the possible side effects and results you can expect.  My breasts show, and I mean really show so there is no way that I can dress in male cloths (not that I would now) as I would look a little odd.

HRT does not make a woman, it just helps.  Your parents will notice changes, and they will find out.  It's one of the steps you have to plan for, and you have to plan for the possibility that they may throw you out of the house.  "Hoping" that you have a job if this happens, doesn't cut it.  You should have one, for the security it provides, and it should be a job that can support you when you are on your own.  You should also have plans for a place of your own before you start HRT as well.  I'm not sure how available suitable rental accomodation is in the UK, but it's not that available here in Canada and I think it's the same in the US.

Don't be rash, as it could have tragic consequenes, and remember we're here to help you through this.


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« Reply #4 on: July 01, 2005, 11:10:40 am »
My parents think that i c/d just for a turn on and they dont know i fully c/d there for they dont see it as c/d they just think i like lingerie.

Iv been thinking and i only wanted hrt for the softerskin / breast development.

iv found out my parents would be heart broken if they found out a crossdress fully and now im stuck I dont want to upset them so i cant let them find out if they do they do but i dont want to hurt their feelings but at the same time i could never give it up.Just walking past a female store or seeing a woman is a reminder of c/d and how i feel.

Iv been there and being without c/d is hard i just couldnt give it up.

Iv spent alot of money on my clothes and fem things too so i dont want to have to throw them away and i dont want to give up the feelings i have.

I try to spend 2 hours dressed up a day but in my room alone and its nice but i just wish i didnt have to keep it in my room.

I would love to be able to wear my new skirt while i chill out in the living room and maybe in time go out to dressed up.

iv had alot of reactions from friends i have online.One girl who is in love with me told me she would kill herself if i didnt give it up but i know she wouldnt do it but still it was upseting.

alot of my friends online are understanding and very supportive but others think im wierd.Iv also had 2 years of online hate froma  group of people becuase my friend who i split with up went and told everyone online she knew.This was a few years back But one of them called me a <not allowed> which really upset me at the time.I guess its becuase what my dad said about c/d,s this one time thats prob why it upset me so much.


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Hi Tammy,

People often attack things they don't understand, others just follow a mob mentality. I think you need to do what is right for you but you need to discover what that is. In the words of Cat Stevens take your time, think a lot. You sound still quite young (I'm 45) over time your feelings become clearer for some of us c/ding is enough for some they need more. It sounds a little to me as though your putting the horse before the cart. Take a step at a time and experience that step before you complicate your thinking with all the other possible steps. Most of all you need to embrace yourself and learn to accept yourself it is difficult for others to accept you if you don't accept yourself. Sadly however some will never accept the real you but that is life.