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Silicone breast prostheses gets the US worked up

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Breasts get US worked up
02/07/2005 11:24  - (SA)
By Millicent Merton

Cape Town - Women with silicone breast prostheses are advised to carry a doctor's letter with them if they want to escape inspection by American customs and security officials.

The Netcare travel clinics have issued a warning to women who have had a mastectomy and who use external silicone prostheses as they are targeted as a potential terrorist threat by American security officers.

Dr Andrew Jamieson, director of Netcare travel clinics, said since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 reports have been received from time to time of people with prostheses who experience problems at airports, especially as a result of increased security measures. [Read More]

This would apply to <not allowed> individuals as well so make sure you have documentation including receipts if you use false breasts.

Before HRT I used to wear these, will the madness ever end.  But how would silicone breast prostheses show up during a security check.  Is there a scan that detects them, or silicone?  Or did the woman tell the security officials that she was wearing them?

new security training ... "Grope for America" ... we have a similar measure here "Grope for Australia".

oddly it doesn't seem to make any of our citizens feel safer, the ungrateful swine!

Tell me that you're kidding.  It's no wonder I don't plan on travelling by air anymore.   :)  Son what about a guy who has an ochi and they insert those fake testicles

Hay that is clever.. I wonder if there is a substance like silicon that goes boom.

What is the government supposed to do when it is trying to protect itself and it’s people when the peoples trying to hurt it do not play but any rules?

No something like this should never have to be, however people should not be trying to murder each other either.

Imperfect solutions for imperfect worlds.

Definitely something to watch like a hawk though. :\


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