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Silicone breast prostheses gets the US worked up

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I guess when terrorists buy silicone breasts they don't get a reciept? I assume all prosthesis stores have terrorist alarms that go off and they get no reciept. It is just another dumb measure that will not stop anything but will embarrass and delay many good people. My daughters husband flew to Ohio and back before he got home and realized he had left a full .22 clip in his backpack.     :icon_pistoles:           :eusa_doh: 

without getting into too big a rave, i just ask you to note that the new "Security" measures have had these results:

1) NO terrorists have been caught anywhere -- no, not one!

2) ALL citizens have lost significant freedoms, everywhere.

do you think our our leaders are stupid? No?  then this must be the desired outcome:

* keep the masses uninformed and afraid.

* make social benefits dependent on military service.

* allow the security forces to arrest anybody, anywhere, anytime and hold them indefinitely without charge or trial.

This is an old, old recipe.  It is the basis of Empire, of Dictatorship, of the Police State.  It is so classic that you can read the measures, in detail, in novels even, like Orwell's 1984.

And if you want to cheer me up, start babbling about the Western Democracies, and how we have free'n'fair elections, i could use a good laugh ...

Hello Kitten,

I really have to agree with you, (in some countries) the removal of rights and freedoms in order to protect the people is classic.  I'm really surprised that people are still falling for that old form of a benevolent dictatorship.  I for one, like you, cherrish my freedoms, and I use my vote to protect them, as everyone who can, should.


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