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Current needed articles, 11/13/08



Looking through the "Needed Articles" list in the Wiki might be a bit intimidating to some people because many of the listings are about the nuts & bolts operation of the software.  Mixed in with those, however, are articles that are needed (because they are being cited somewhere else in the Wiki).  I've separated the top 20 needed articles that are not about the Wiki itself from the list.  Here they are:

--- Quote ---# American Psychiatric Association ‎(3 links)
# Hate speech ‎(2 links)
# Sperm ‎(2 links)
# Reproductive system ‎(2 links)
# The closet ‎(2 links)
# Testis determining factor ‎(2 links)
# Gender and sexuality studies ‎(2 links)
# Trichotillomania ‎(2 links)
# ‎(2 links)
# Faggot (slang) ‎(2 links)
# Amy Tan ‎(2 links)
# New York Times ‎(2 links)
# Hate speech ‎(2 links)
# Gender and sexuality studies ‎(2 links)
# Masculism ‎(1 link)
# CBS News ‎(1 link)
# Aversion therapy ‎(1 link)
# Bulimia ‎(1 link)
# Cosmetology ‎(1 link)

--- End quote ---

I'd like to invite you to pick one and start writing.  Please remember it does not have to be perfect, we will go through and edit the articles, if needed.  They need to be there first, though.

If anyone has any questions, or would like some assistance, please feel free to PM me or any of the other Wikipedians whose names are on some of the articles.

I'll be posting a list of articles that need to be expanded in another thread.

hugs & smiles

I'm not at all sure we need pages for the New York Times or CBS News -- for missing pages like that I'd suggest just removing the links. Stuff like this is relevant for Wikipedia, but we probably should just concentrate on issues important to us.

Other than that, great list. Thanks!


Agreed prune out the non-tg or allied links...

For example Trichotillomania  is a great example of one that we don't need.

I would delink

# Trichotillomania ‎(2 links)
# ‎(2 links) (doesn't really need a page)
# New York Times ‎(2 links)
# CBS News ‎(1 link)

Flan Princess:
I did a bunch of (internal) de-linking, although I may have gone overboard in the Hair article. :P Hopefully it should make the page (Needed Articles) a little easier to read.

EDIT: I reverted and did less hacking (in "Hair") but I want somebody else's opinion on the see also stuff


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