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support groups near amherst, massachussetts


My friend (tg male to female) is in the closet right now and a support group is essential for him. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a support group in or near Amherst, MA. I think he'd be willing to drive up to an hour or two from there if necessary (Boston possibly?).

Thank you so much for your help.

Hello Afriend, pleased to meet you.

A google for “transgender support Amherst, Massachusetts”

Brought up, which contains at least one promising sounding link:

Stonewall Center
256 Sunset Avenue Office
Crampton House/SW
Amherst MA 01003-9324Lesbian Bisexual Gay and Transgender Educational Resource Center at the University of Massachusetts in AmherstPhone 413.545.4824
Perhaps also, Trans-Gender Expressions’ Massachusetts resource listing contains something of value.

It often helps to know they are not alone, and need not suffer in silence. Please feel free to direct your friend to these forums (or another TG forum), no obligation to post or even register.

I am glad your friend has a friend like you. (=

Thanks so much, Kimberly. This is very encouraging. I'll pass this on to him.


there is a web page at that covers new england. There are meetings in and around Boston.

I wish you and your friend well,


Welcome RebeccaFog.  Why not post an intro in the introductions forum?  This thread is almost a year old and the person requesting info is no longer a registered member, but thanks for providing that information.



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