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I got a veet bladeless shaving kit. It worked alright, exacept it missed a bunch of hairs. :( Any way around this? Leave it on longer?

Also, my skin got bumpy, like an allergic reaction after using it, but that went away within 5 minuts. Is that normal?

I don't know what Veet is, but in the context, I take it as some kind of chemical depilitory.  All of these work by chemical reaction, and yes, it can be a little rough on the skin, if you get a rash, try reducing the time you keep it on before cleaning it off.  depending on if allergic, might work, might not.

thats why it's so hard to find any of these products that actually work on face hair, which is generally tougher and courser then body hair. Just don't shave anything after using either as putting a razor to what is essentually burnt skin can irritate it worse.


While I do not have the bladless shaving kit, I do use Veet for Sensative skin.

The first time i used it I did not leave it on long enough.  I now leave it on for the full 10 minuets recommended, and have no reactions.l

I do use a face cloth to wipe it off, and it does a great job, however the first time when I just tried the shower, it did not work well at all


Most of the reviews I have seen are negitive but for those who want to check it out here is the Veet homepage

Hiya all,

I dont know what veet is, or if we have it out this way, but I recently had a serious allergic reaction after shaving, and although I havent been on T yet, I have beard growth.
The razor I was a 'close shave' type of one and I believe it just was too deep a blade for me,so Im trying out different shaving blades, cus my skin went all bumpy and I was scratching the hell out of it for 2 days, ugh.

Never again. Might take me awhile before I find msyelf a good razor for my sensitive skin. I wont shave for a few weeks now though, as that was the worst rash I have ever experienced, in the bin with that gilette razor! 8)

No more lumps and bumps for Me thanks lol ::) :D

Take care,



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