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Veet - Bladeless shaving kit

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I used Veet yesterday and think it was great

the only problen is i got some where it shouldn't be and i an now bald in the lower regions

legs are nice and smooth
would recommend it follow the directions 3 min seemed to be enough for me



Welcome to the wonderful world of beard shaving. Most of us GM's got bumps the first time we started shaving. For me I was not so looking forward to shaving but it eventually became a necessity, especially after I joined the Army. They're such sticklers for that smooth shaved look.

I used to break out  terribly and would have to go two or three days without shaving for my face to heal. After continued shaving the irritation was not so bad. When I started shaving my legs it was like going through the same thing all over again only worse, my legs itched like crazy. Doesn't happen now, I think that may be because of the E. My leg hairs have become softer.

The coarsness of the beard hair makes shaving a skin pulling process which really irritates the folicles near the skin resulting in breakouts. I still get that  even after all these years except now I can't let it go for a couple of days so I just have to deal with it. Fortunately good makeup covers a multitude of sins.

Then of course there are the ingrown hairs which are always a problem. As you get more consistant coverage of your face you may want to just grow a beard and see how it works for you. No shaving is much easier. Of course you'll need to keep it neat and trimmed. Scraggley beards are really unbecoming.


I have used the bladeless shaving kit for a couple of months now and I swear by it. I don't think I will ever shave my legs or arms again, which doesn't bother me a bit. Shaving is always rough on my skin  no matter what kind of razor or shave lubricant I use. Unfortunately it doesn't work well at all on my face, so I'm stuck shaving until I can afford Laser. :icon_censored:



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