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research project on drag queens survey questions
« on: November 22, 2008, 11:15:27 pm »

hi my name is annalise and for my human sexuality class i am doing a reseach project on drag queens; on pretty general information just about lifestyles and opinions. Here are just a few questions to help me with my presentation, answer whatever you feel comfortable with, you dont have to answer everyone, but the more you do the more greatful i am for my research. you can respond here or to my
email address ( ).  Thank you ever so much!



What is a drag queen to you, What defines being one to you?

What is the difference between a drag queen, female impersonator , and cross dresser?

or is there no difference?

In the media (movies and tv) do you think drag queens are
portrayed correctly?

if yes what movie do you think does the best job in doing this?

and which is the worst?

What sort of items could/do drag queens use to create a feminine


When did you start dressing in drag?

What started it all?

What sex are you attracted to/ What is your sexual orientation?

Do you dress in drag all day everyday (ex: for work and such)?

or do only dress a certain times (ex: going out at night)?

How did you come up to with your Drag name?

and what is it?

If you are not a drag queen (now or anymore), what do you lable yourself as if you still?

Did your family (or friend or coworkers) support this desicion?


Any other information that i did not ask and you think is important please feel free to tell me here. The more info the better it will really help me out in my research.

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Re: research project on drag queens survey questions
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Most biological males who wear dresses (including Crossdressers and male Androgynes) are not "drag queens," and if you intend to include all such peoplewho wear clothing associated with the female gender, you should consider more precise language before proceeding.

Specifically, you can learn more about "drag queen" in our Wiki. You can also do other searches to learn about other topics (such as "crossdressing" or "crossdresser," and "androgyny" or "androgyne").

Also, please respect the Site Rules. Notably, you should not make duplicate posts in multiple forums ("crossposting"), so please refrain from doing so.
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Re: research project on drag queens survey questions
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In the Site Rules referred to by Kaelin, nomarthinksimhot, you will find this 
12. Cross posting the same message to multiple forums is not allowed. Please insure each post is of an appropriate subject for the forum it is to be posted in, we will move it if it is not in the correct area. If there are no forums your message would fit in either post it in the Transgender talk or general discussion forum or suggest to the staff that we create a new discussion forum.
As a result of the rule I have removed one pf your postings. 
Kaelin also makes a good point about Crossdressers and drag-queens not generally being driven by the same personal desires and goals. The most basic of research could have shown you that that was the case. 
Good luck in your study. Welcome to Susan's, but do read through and understand, please, the Site Rules when you post.  
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Re: research project on drag queens survey questions
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   I agree with the others.  You should spend time in the Wiki and reading posts on the site.  You can learn a lot and have better prepared questions.



Re: research project on drag queens survey questions
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2009, 08:44:04 am »
Surely you're becoming acquainted with Judith Butler and her ideas on performativity?  This is crucial in contemporary understandings of drag.  Also, check out the movie Paris is Burning.