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Adding an image to one's signature

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I've looked in HELP and the FAQ's, but I can't see how to add an image to my signature. It must be possible as several folks here have done so.

Or, is this no longer available?

OK. You just used the URL tag-thingy, right?

Cool. Thanks, Emme.

Hmm, I can't seem to get it to work. I've tried the SMF url and img tags, and both gave me errors. The HTML img tag didn't work either.

And, I know the image is indeed online because I can indeed access it from my web site.

what you can do is upload your image to an image hosting site like photo bucket or image shack. they will give you a bbc tag to copy and past in to the costume signature box.

it should look something like this

[code] [Image Removed]

with the url of your picture in between the img tags.


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