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Adding an image to one's signature

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if you can get the image to display in a stand alone web browser window just copy the URL and past it in between the img tags.


--- Quote from: Ellieka on December 03, 2008, 05:27:47 pm ---what you can do is upload your image to an image hosting site like photo bucket or image shack. they will give you a bbc tag to copy and past in to the costume signature box.

it should look something like this

[code] [Image Removed]
--- End quote ---

are you including the forward slash in the last img tag?

--- Code: ---[img] <===this is the opening tag | this is the closing tag ======>[/img]
--- End code ---

Yes, I included the slash.

In fact, I copied and pasted your code segment just to be sure, then pasted the URL of my GIF image in between the open and close tags.

if that don't work try using capitals instead.

--- Code: ---[IMG]http://www.your image[/IMG]
--- End code ---


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