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Hi im new here, im larry, ive been a crossdresser for as long as i can remember im 17, ive been a Crossdresser all my life, and its been both a blessing and a curse,  my parents have caught me several times in the past, but not too recently because i have developed better ways of hiding it, my mother says its wrong, my father preteds it never happened, the one time i tried to talk to them, we got in a huge argument, and i havent tried since, but now ive decided that i best leave them out of it because it causes problems, but i have to keep everything i do with crossdressing a secret, sometimes i go out, and i use my paychecks from my job to buy things like stockings and skirts,  but the problem is, i see things in online stores that i want a lot more than the things i buy in local stores, the stockings are fine in victorias secret but theres so many other designs i cant aqquire, all because i have no credit card and i dont have a lisence so i can only ride my bike to close places to buy things, so all these sexy clothes and shoes i see online, i cant aqquire, i deperately want to have some of them but i have no idea how to get them, my parents let me buy music and stuff online, but if they knew i wanted womens clothing, they would NEVER let me buy it, so i have to go out and buy stuff from stores, not only are the choices limited, but when riding home i have to hide everything i buy from my parents in my garage until my parents go to sleep, then i can sneak the stuff up to my room, where i can wear it in privacy.  I went to a shoe store the other day, to buy some hig heels, i got some nice ones but they are not the kind i was looking for, i just need some heels so bad that i bought what i could.  I loked online and found some shoes that were perfect, but i can only find them online, and it just sucks that i cant buy them, i dont think any of you can help me but i just feel better writing this and knowing people know and accept what i am, though any help if possible would be appreciated.

Hello Larry,

Welcome to Susan's.  This is a great place, and if you explore the forums, and the other resouces available on this site, I think that you will find others who are experiencing the same problem your parents are having with your crossdressing.  I think that you have really made an important step by letting your parents know that you crossdress.  Although they don't approve, the important part is to be honest and up front with them, as you seem to have been.  Don't expect them to accept this overnight, it could take days, months, even years, and then there is the possibility that they will never accept it.

There are parents here at Susans, who are experienceing or experienced the same thing your parents are going through, one of the parent who comes to mind is called  wajdi  Once you become familiar with Susan's you could post a message in Significant Other's Forum, asking how they delt with their child revealing that they were crossdressing.  Maybe after awhile your parents could visit Susan's and get to know what you are going through, and the experiences of others.

So welcome, relax, you're amoung friends.


Hello Larry, welcome to Susan’s most wonderful Place (=

It is true the not using a credit card limits your payment options. Perhaps a bank account with one of the debit cards that also function as a visa may be an option for you? That and a postal box (ship to the po box) might give you some options?

Please feel free to join in on the conversations (=

hi Larry:

Glad to see you here.   I am sure that you will find as I have you will have a lot of friends in this room.
I can understand how it was hard to come out to your parents, and I just hope that they will  be accepting, even though it will take time for understanding.

Unfortunately my parents were now longer with me when I came out, and I am sure they would have been supportive even if they did not understand

All the best. and take small steps one at a time.

Denise Love

Thanks everybody, I feel welcome here already, and I think I may have solved me problem for buying clothes and shoes online, if I can get a money order from the bank I think I can buy what I want without my parents finding out. so long as I dont have to be 18 then I think I can get these shoes ive been wanting forever.



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