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Let's talk about some preliminary findings.

Well, health care is a big issue. And finding local primary-care providers who are not only sensitive but also knowledgeable about transgender issues--health-care issues--is a struggle for a lot of people. Because of the lack of training that's available to health-care providers, the lack of experience, what happens is that people have to travel long distances or wait to get appointments with the few doctors who are knowledgeable.

What are some specific health issues that transgender people have?

Well, one thing we found is that, especially for people who identify on the female-to-male spectrum, there's (a problem) finding gynecological care, because, you know, some may identify as male, may present as male and may live their lives as male, but still may need gynecological services. And that can create a lot of difficulty and fear on the part of the individual, you know, because you have to enter a lot of times into a space that is set up for people who are female identifiers. ... Insurance, as well--that's another issue. A lot of insurance companies have exclusions for transgender health.

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