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First Annual Susan's Fest 2006

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Thread intended for use of planning the
First Annual  Susan's Fest 2006 Event
to be held in:
   Portland, OR

Please limit your posts to planning matters\advice\suggestions.


Good move Chynna. I will say it then again here about the park. That sounds like the best idea to me. It will be inexpensive, but should be fun. I love frisbee, so I will brig one. Im sure there will be picnic tables for those to hang out who don't want to do anything physical. Softball would be cool if we have enough people, but then I realize we would have to bring equipment, and I am left handed, so I would need my own glove. Maybe just other people's interests if it is something small they can bring? Like cards? plastic horseshoes? I don't know. As far as a picnic goes, we could all pitch in and get stuff from maybe a grocery store with a deli? Just ideas.


I was thinking that about the park. Ill find a local Wal mart and buy a cheap $30 grill myself so we can cookout oh yeah im domesticated!!! LOL.


Check to find out the city ordiance (if any) on the maximium occupancy of one specific group is before requiring a permit etc.

in the park you select..just in case some public official feels like doing his job that day or just wants to be smart we have ourselves covered.

Ps that was hard to write without cursing!LOL


Even better yet. Alot of parks have grills there.

That gives me a better idea on a park.



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