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Susan's is not letting me post new topics, it just gives me a blank page when I hit post.

Edit: Okay it actually let me do it here, but it hasn't let me do it in Coming Out, or Activism>Hate, and I've tried multiple times in those.

No idea, your not blocked but if you were blocked it should block you in all.

Kay now it's let me post a topic but it wouldn't let me edit to put actual content in there. Won't let me post another topic or reply to that one.

Have you looked at your firewall settings?

I had to lower mine for Susan’s for a while last year until I got an update from my ISP that fixed it. (It had been working fine then went intermittent).

Good Luck


Don't use quotes. Sometimes, if you use the quote tags, it won't let you post. In that instance, put the desired quote in italics.

I don't know why it only happens sporadically, but that's a solution to it when it happens.


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