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State tries to rule out aid for sex-change surgery

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In a pair of rulings issued last month, a state appeals board ordered Medicaid to pay for two people to travel out of state to undergo sex-change operations. The state estimates the procedures, also known as sex-reassignment surgery, will cost $50,000 to $60,000 each.

"This is very controversial and in need of clarity," said state Medicaid director Doug Porter. "We've decided to make it real crystal clear that it's not a covered service."

But Porter said the state plans to continue covering other services — such as hormone treatment and psychotherapy — for people diagnosed with gender-identity disorders. State officials argue that those treatments are just as effective as surgery but are less risky and far less expensive.

Sarah Louise:
I must admit, I am not sure why the "state" should pay for our surgery.

Sarah L.

Because medical intervention is the only known treatment for transsexuality and that those who have paid into this system deserve to get something out of it.

Sarah Louise:
It is a difficult and complicated subject.  I have never looked to the state (government) for anything.  I did "pay" to the government when I was drafted and had to serve in the military during the VietNam war, other than that it is just the taxes I pay each year.

I know I grew up with different views of the governments responsibilities, but I would not expect the government to pay for heart surgery, so I guess I don't expect them to pay for my SRS either.

I don't have firm thoughts on this, but as long as we don't have government provided health care, I am not really sure of their responsibility.  Now if I lived in Canada or England my thoughts would be different.

I can remember getting into trouble regarding a post on this subject way back when :(   .  In Australia you can get medical support for the treatment of an illness.   Sexual reassignment is not considered an illness as such but "cosmetic" and therefore considered not worthy of medical support.  (considered by beaureaucrats & politicians of course)

However, medical support is available for abortions - so that seems to say that pregnancy is an "illness".

Goes to show that Government funded health care is at the mercy of pressure groups & politics - and that the rights/benefits of individuals and the ideas of sense and reason are often not listened to



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