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what do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?

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what's your usual reaction when you take the first glance at your self image?

Shana A:
Yes, I'm here for yet another day on the planet, still look like myself, oh there's another gray hair....

And what do you see, oh mystical person asking the question?  ;)


well seeing as i get a full body shot as i'm walking toward the mirror - my first reaction is always 'WOW that <not allowed>'s got great <breasts>'. 

" Oh look, another zit  >:( "

I tend to see a boy when I look in the mirror, then I look closer. Fat face, fat chest, tiny arms, big ass/hips. (I don't so much worry about the butt--King Tut had big hips, too!) But when I focus on my eyes alone, the boy comes back. *I* come back.


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