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Calling all gamers!


ok now that I have your attention. I've noticed over the years that role playing games seem to be pretty popular among our circles.. so I was wondering who all here games and what your into... and if anyone here's going to Gen-Con this year.. Its here in my home town so if you are let me know maybe we'll see each other there : )

I used to be more into computer games, but not really role playing games.  Since transition, I haven't had much time to really play anything new.


I used to play D&D and then the Basic Set (blah) and then AD&D (first couple of rule revisions).  A couple of games of Twilight 2000 (the role playing game where it took more time to create a character than to play a campaign), Pendragon (liked this one but it fizzled on the market), and some that we invented (Ninjas!  Everything is better with ninjas.).

However, I really liked playing Shadowrun.  Only played the 1st Edition rules on this one.

However, it has been years since I have been able to play.  Whenever I meet some other RPGers locally, it seems that they all play on the Internet and that just does not appeal to me.  I like getting together, usually we played all night.  Pizza boxes, soda, and video games for those killed off too soon.  Music going on and the background and the occasional, "Keep it down." from the parental units.


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