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I told my ex wife

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i told my ex wife of 30+ years who i was last night. i gave her a folder with a letter explaining my transsexuality. i included articles on GID and some of my poems and stories. i asked her to read it in another room. about 45 min later she emerged crying with a smile on her face and hugged me and said it was terrible that i had to bear such a burden. she immediately started saying things like "you're a woman" in her sentences and she asked every single question that you could imagine, some i had never even thought of myself. we talked and cried till about 5:30AM. she is very devout in her faith but accepted it completely with no reservations. she understands now why i acted the way i did, and why my depression was so severe while we were married. it was a good night. :)


Sounds like a great relieving experience. Finally some understanding and knowing. And you must have felt great knowing she knew, and expecially sounds like a great response. I have never been married but when I told my Girlfriend and mother the first times, I was in such great relief at their response. Maybe just telling women is easier then telling men, I dont know.

What a nice story, Beth. You two still must be pretty close. I hope the best for the both of you. You know most churches are not against us. It is only a few very vocal churches that are giving the rest a bad name. God Bless.

yuldah hadasha:
Beth, thank God!  how wonderful and healing to find acceptance in the very relationship that probably hurt the most (i'm projecting here).  she must really love you - the you that isn't a function of physical and social definitions - and that's a payoff for all the years of suffering to be there even when you couldn't be there.

so good when blessings come to those who need and deserve them!

Thats so nice for you Beth.  I'm not sure if your break-up was amicable, or not, or if you remained friends afterwards, but it's obvious that you must be now.  You must be feeling wonderfully happy.

I have always said that one of the keys to success in anything is communication.  In fact I believe that Winston Churchill said "communication is the queen of battle".  It's very hard for those around us to understand what we are going though, and for us to understand what they are going through, unless we communicate.  Talking and discussing things rationally, with give and take on both sides, tears and smiles, laughter and frustration, anger and sympathy.  Easier said than done I know.  My wife and I have been together for 33 years, it hasn't been easy, ask her  :)  but it has worked for us.

I'm so happy for you Beth.


P.S. Oppps my wife just flicked my ear - it's 32 years  :D


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