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Putting up a picture in your profile

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You will not be able to put up a picture in your profile until you have reached a minimum of 15 posts.

For more information about post ranks, please see here:,114.0.html

wow i had no idea about that one

Good to know. lol with a username like mine, i was hoping i'd be able to put one up right away to show that i am, in fact, a real person  :-\

Wow.  Interesting choice of a username.

I have a whole lot of thoughts on it, but I cant seem to get them in order.  Can I ask why you chose it?

Well, it's my username on LiveJournal, DreamWidth, and one or two other journal/networking sites (without the hyphen--just "<not allowed>"). 

It's also a word that I'm using in the reclaiming sense, and, at this point, it's a part of my identity--while I do identify as a trans woman, I also identify as a third-sex, transsexual-bodied <not allowed>.


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