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I just started working out

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Anybody have any tips on what kind of exercise to do?  What has worked, made you look more manly?  I've been concentrating on arms and abs and especially shoulders.


--- Quote from: nonie on August 22, 2006, 06:45:14 pm ---  What has worked, made you look more manly? 

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In a word - pasta



     If you are just using free weights then bench pressing will give you the most results for your upper body. If you join a gym, the more power to you. I have lifted my whole life and have always stayed in pretty good shape, but not being at a gym for some years makes it not as easy. Now that I have had my top surgery, as soon as I am allowed (another 4 weeks) to go back to a gym I am there. Drink protein shakes too.



--- Quote ---In a word - pasta
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I'm all over the complex carbohydrates already.  I freakin love pasta :)

Bench pressing, huh?  I've never done that before o_o  I'll probably have to work up to it, I'm freakin tiny :)

On the arms, to make them look fuller, do not neglect the triceps.  A lot of guys focus so much on the biceps that they forget the tris.

Also the lats for that nice full back and punching power.  A guy with good lats, well, meow.  :)

But do not go too top heavy, do not forget squats and leg presses.

If you are trying to bulk up, keep away from a lot of cardio for a bit.  Do not avoid it all together, but cut it back to just once or twice a week.  Also do not overdo on reps either with the weights.  Take your time, do not jerk the weight, and feel it through the entire range of motion.

As you start upping the weight, make sure you have a decent spotter.

As your muscle mass starts to increase, so will your metabolism.  Increase calories as needed but make sure to maintain good nutrition (especially protein).  This can actually be the most difficult part.  At my biggest I ended up taking about 4,500 cals a day just to maintain what I had.  Cycle any type of supplements that you are using.


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