Author Topic: Can i accumulate the fat for feminine hip features despite that i do sports?  (Read 2216 times)

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Because of my veins, i am in urgent need of to always do sports. For years, i choose bicycling for it, mostly up-hills, so this really stretches bum and legs.

The hormones that i consume now shall (of course) help to build my hip, I am too slim, and feminize my shape, as well as my facial area.

The idea that went through my head was

"If you do sports, nothing will be added to your shape, you'll neutralize any gram of fat the hormones place at your hips." The consequence was "You have to be inactive and thus, gain weight like nuts from the hormone intake, and after months, you work the weight gain down."
I don't know if this was correct - but i also could not do that - i HAVE to do sports because of my right leg's bad veins, other wise it leads to a thrombosis.
Now, i wonder, can i achieve feminine hip features despite sports or will any gram of fat be neutralized by training?


You just have to make sure that the amount of calories you consume in a day exceed what you're burning, and you'll gain fat no matter what you do during the day.

This is a good article that goes into detail on how to calculate exactly what you need. Granted, it's aimed at bodybuilders who want to bulk on muscle, but the same principals apply, and if you're not doing heavy lifts and don't have testosterone in your body, the excess calories will be deposited as fat instead. You'd likely opt for higher carbohydrate intake though, say around 65 or 70%, since a high carb diet is the BEST way to shred muscle and gain fat. If you need links to other resources or advice, feel free to PM me.

Just out of curiosity: What kind of activities do you do, and what's your workload? (hours per day, days per week)



I thank you very much for the answer. :)