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As groups go the transexual community doesn't seem to be very active. Witness this forum which seems to get so little attention. It's like this is the place were posts go to die.

Kitten asked for some help for a speaking engagement of some kind but received no responses from the rest of the group. Unfortunately I wasn't here when she posted it so I was too late to help. Which is too bad since I've got an opinion on just about any subject and I'm not afraid to use them.  >:D

I noticed in the News forum a recent post from Leigh which ought to be addressed. One of the things about the aftermath of 9/11 was that people kept defending Islam as a religion of peace, but the pundits would always ask, "then why hasn't the Islamic leadership come out and denounced the actions of these terrorists."

If we are not to be lumped in with people like the man in the article (see"just great" in the Community Alerts section), then we must as a community respond to such things before the media turns it into a transgender bash fest or worse.

Fortunately we do have an outlet we can turn to for help the GLBT organizations around the country could be contacted according to the region in which such an unfortunte occurance might take place and a statement issued on behalf of the community denouncing the perp.

From the standpoint of being a trans I know we don't like to draw attention to ourselves because we are busy trying to be accepted as the gender to which we identify. But, we will all loose gains that have been made if we don't take some kind of action.

I emplore everyone to join in here and discuss possible plans of action whenever our rights as individuals are threatened either by the actions of fringe perverts or the religious intolerance of the zealots of the christian right or left. Let us not go gently into that dark night.


I think the window of opportunity to become a active Transsexual is extremely short. In my opinion, only a few transsexual women and men that I have seen on the net, Post Op, dwell with the community. I get the sense (could be wrong) that you experience it, morph, grow, then move on. The ones that I see remaining active are ones that lead organizations or hold similar positions.

New blood that I see come in ( I dont know timelines, just surmising) take a while to become active and intermingle with the community. Then once joining into the community, rapidly progress towards new things.

Many of the very active members I have seen TS are smack down in the middle of the process.

The ones in the middle are also spending vast amounts of money to change, get hormones, hair removal (female), breast surgeries (men remove breasts, female implants), SRS, and facial / body sculpting surgeries to transition, and have less money to invest in causes. I cant see this kind of spending (besides clothes and wigs) from drags and TVs.

I have never taken any surveys, nor sought out factual data.

Now for Transvestites, drag, intersexuals things might be more stable and less changing / morphing (though transitioning intersexed join in with the TS processes and money if they transition radically). I see several gay drag active groups, parades, marches, and contests. These groups have less of a morph and move on process. Transvestites have solid communities and organizations old and young. Intersex organizations are out there, I have seen a few.

Transexuals though are a changing integrating social group that I think tries to blend in and live life out as the real woman that was meant to be. Turning around and looking back would seem entirely furthest thing on the mind, unless thats was an important interest or part of a career.

All of this is just generalizations and personal thoughts and feelings.
Maybe I just live in a more isolated life.

Share your thoughts.

Hello Kendra.

I have to agree with you.  I think that you've got it right.  It's sad to say, but true.  In Canada I think that we are more active because our Human Rights, and our Constitution, almost demand that we are (note the recent same sex marriage legislation that just pased).  This shouldn't stop the TS community from voicing their concerns on an issue.  I know that my hope is to be considered only as a woman by everyone in the near future, and not as TS.  But in the mean time I'll continue to lend my support and voice to trans issues as they manifest themselves.  Personally, it's all that I can do at this time.

Kendra brings up some very good points with the situation of TS who are trying to transition or those TS who have transitioned and their need for a post-op support system.  I discussed these very points off line with another member, and we came to the same conclusion.  Yes you could call us the selfish members of the whole trans community, but I don't feel that way.

I'm going to post this now as I have to dash, but I'll check back on the thread laterto see how it's going.


Yes, the points ya'll brought up are the reasons I thought of as to why there is so little activism for transexual rights. My thought is that if we could each do a little something along our journey it might help others in the future and to some extent ourselves in the present.

Helping someone with a letter writing campaign, calling in a press release. As I said the GLBT network can help with PR and not cost any one person a lot of time and money. I don't think we're being selfish by concentrating more on our transition instead of getting involved in proactive organizational things. We've spent so much time and effort getting to where we are it can seem a little counterproductive to go off tilting at windmills.

More thoughts?


Selfish for wanting to be normal? That normalcy that has been denied us all our lives? No, I would not call that selfish.

As far as activism goes perhaps what can be done is too shrouded in mystery?


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