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I am not even still sure what I am as far as labels go but I know full well what I am inside!

I was born with completely normal outward female genitalia and was brought up as a girl, was a very pretty one looking at photos and I loved life. I was interfered with by uncle when I (was 7/8 (had to do things to him which I can barely care to remember to this day).  My mother caught him and I was sent to doctor who examined me and told her I was not 'fully formed' and would need some surgery when I was older.

Father came back into our lives when I was almost ten and sent me to another doctor who said that I was XXY and father removed me from family and at 13 made me have male hormones (although I did not understand this at time).

I a now 5'10'' and have larger hands and feet and some male changes to my face and have light beard. I have no body hair elsewhere at all funnily enough. This started my life long nightmare. I became what was described as a 'beautiful looking man'. I even did some modelling.

I still feel 100% female inside and while I confess to being attracted to women and really hate men, can do nothing as a male.

I did get independent check made three years ago using mouth tissue swab and came out just normal female. XX

If nothing else, I really hate it when some 'expert' makes declarations on another's gender indentity and then proceeds to make decisions for a child. Some cars are 'lemons' from the time they leave the factory. Some humans are the same. I know I should have led the life of a female but then I have to accept that I am gay so either way is very hard. I just prefer to NOT know exactly and remain in the middle!

I developed small breasts once I was able to stop taking the male pills (at Uni.) and I have had to hide those too! When taking flying medicals I am put down as having Gynecomastia which inside annoys me very much!

I am now starting female hormones again bought on internet and hopefully, at least inside, I shall feel better and get back bone density.

Rudy King:

--- Quote from: TiffanyJ on June 23, 2014, 11:27:17 am ---Hi, I just saw your post and it got me thinking, if someone is intersex can it effect their bones, for instance can someone have a feminine jaw bone and masculine brow bone? And hips, I know there are a few intersex conditions, the fact that I have some strange features has often made me wonder if maybe I'm intersex, but back to the hips, is it also possible to have one side of your hips wider than the other?

If anyone replies thanks :)

--- End quote ---

Yes, it can.  I have "Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome", so I'm a "male pseudo-hermaphrodite", so I have testes, but I have female secondary sexual characteristics, and have a female body.  However, my body did respond to just enough testosterone to make male genitalia, but they never grew with puberty, so I have the genitalia of a seven to nine year old boy. 

My Adam's apple didn't grow, but I have a gender ambiguous voice (when I'm not sick).

Rudy King:

--- Quote from: Zelane on October 23, 2007, 01:06:37 am ---What Berliegh and Melissa are referring to could be if not something related to xsomes a endocrin situation like PAIS.

This is odd you two are describing some of the stuff I have been dealing since puberty. When I started transition 2 years ago I also started to notice some stuff that I overlooked since I hated to look at my body and at a mirror. Part of that stuff is how my body is skeleton wise.

One of the things was my breast since they started to develop when I was 11 (it hurt a lot -_-) and then that together with a squeaky voice was an invitation to harassment during High School. One of the new things that I didnt noticed until now was how my bones are, I mean I remember seeing some hips when I was 14 and it seems I have a little (not sure if I really look ok or not) and my arms have a distinctive "female look"

And then I was really surprised to see that there was no adams apple and when I started researching about genitals and such I noticed how my testes were always small and they didnt fully dropped.

The weird part is I had lots of acne during puberty, this could mean I had or have high T.

Anyway, going trough puberty with all that was very confusing.

--- End quote ---

I felt like I was reading one of my own posts.  Creepy!


--- Quote from: MRV35 on November 12, 2014, 08:14:24 pm ---I don't know but reading these posts I wonder what happened when I was born. Nobody ever told me anything was out of the ordinary. Three years ago I went to see a urologist because my doctor had run blood tests and found I was low testosterone. I went to the urologist and after an examination was asked if I would allow a genetic test to be performed. I agreed and my next visit I was told that I was 47XXY. He said he needed to confirm his suspicions due to my body shape,small genitals, gynomastia, and underdeveloped testes. It was then that a lot of things made sense.

Basically, I was told I was intersex and nothing needed to change because I was still me. I told the doctor about my weird mental state which continually switched back forth from male to female, my crossdressing, and the fact I was sterile. He explained that it was all normal considering my genetic make-up.

Fast forward to the present, I'm using Androgel and still my testosterone is really low and my estrodial is super high. I was told that I have a high probability of getting osteoporosis so I need to use the Androgel. I'm worried because I've read that XXYs should have a bone density test done and it hasn't been suggested to me. I also worry that I may have ovaries or even some female anatomy within me but I haven't taken action to get that checked either.

--- End quote ---
hi, I am xxy male, I have 90% female body without hormones, 10% I am male, I think like woman I decide like woman is normal, some xxy thinks  they are woman in males body and try to takes hormones either change sex to become woman some others xxy want to become mans and take more hormones including breast operation to become mans, some others are like me, we don't care we lives the life, yes is true we get osteoporosis but are lots of natural drugs in the market insteand taking hormones, hormones are good and bad, why I have to take the risk, yes is true I have breast but I am not a woman but I am not a man either, I am intersex, if I leave my hair longer the people will think I am e very sexy woman, if I cut my hair the people will think I look as a sexy man, well in the end I don't care what they think, I love my body and I love my life as a intersex I don't live for people I live for myself.  I done all the test you think and in the end I am xxy male intersex, I wish you all the best whatever you decide in your life be a woman take lots of hormones or a man take lots of hormones with the risk, but in the end we never will change we always will be xxy intersex people

Hi nastradini, welcome to Susan's. I look forward to seeing you around the forums. Good luck and Hugs

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