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--- Quote from: Emerald on August 28, 2006, 07:52:55 pm ---The highest Intersex estimates indicate 1 percent of live births exhibit some degree of sexual ambiguity...

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I often wonder how many people don't even KNOW they're intersexed? Some of the genital abnormalities are pretty minor, and it's hard to see your chromosomes, lol...



--- Quote from: Melissa on June 29, 2007, 11:24:51 am ---I don't have a visible adam's apple either.  When I said I had a female skeleton, I wasn't just talking about size, but everything including joints, bone size ratios, skull shape, etc.  Despite having kids, I've also had little body hair, sparse beard, I'm smaller than everyone in my family (including my mom) except my twin sister, I've always had soft skin, muscles of female shape and size, good hips and butt, breast growth and I'm certain my T levels have dropped significantly in the 8 years or so prior to HRT.  There's enough evidence that it's undeniable that there's definitely something physically different about me than those who start off as male.  I don't know about bone density because I've never been scanned.  As for the voice, I don't recall mine "breaking", but it did get lower.  However, with starting HRT, it seemed to reverse itself (which was odd).  One strange thing is, I guess I always had small testes (if that's what they actually are) and an excess of scrotal skin.  That always drove me crazy, since it loved to stick to my legs.  :eusa_sick:  Anyways, hopefully the chromosome test will reveal an explanation.  If not, then it's probably PAIS.

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Your story is identical to mine Melissa. When I started on HRT it also worked in revearse on me. Also when I went on Gosaleren (Zoladex) it also worked in revearse giving me terrible side effects. Prior to taking HRT I had non existant Testo levels... the endocrinologist was baffled but I thought it was probably due to an intersexed condition. My bone scans measured exactely the same as a genetic female and it does differ to a genetic male.

What Berliegh and Melissa are referring to could be if not something related to xsomes a endocrin situation like PAIS.

This is odd you two are describing some of the stuff I have been dealing since puberty. When I started transition 2 years ago I also started to notice some stuff that I overlooked since I hated to look at my body and at a mirror. Part of that stuff is how my body is skeleton wise.

One of the things was my breast since they started to develop when I was 11 (it hurt a lot -_-) and then that together with a squeaky voice was an invitation to harassment during High School. One of the new things that I didnt noticed until now was how my bones are, I mean I remember seeing some hips when I was 14 and it seems I have a little (not sure if I really look ok or not) and my arms have a distinctive "female look"

And then I was really surprised to see that there was no adams apple and when I started researching about genitals and such I noticed how my testes were always small and they didnt fully dropped.

The weird part is I had lots of acne during puberty, this could mean I had or have high T.

Anyway, going trough puberty with all that was very confusing.

I grew up with male genetalia and always had surgical scars on and around my genetalia.  My parents said the scars on my lower abdomen were for hernia operations.  They did not talk about the one down the center of the scrotum and etc. 

During puberty, I developed a little bit of breast growth.  My parents insisted that I have my breast tissue removed, but the surgeon refused to do it against my wishes.

When I transitioned, my parents said that I was not intersexed.  I got the medical records from the surgeries and only hernia operations were mentioned.

Years later, my sister told me that my parents admitted to her that my genetalia had been surgically descended.  I got a gene test and it said normal XY.  A fish test also showed no mutation for hormone insensitivity.

So, I do not know precisely what went on or to what degree, if any, my genetalia resembled those of a female at birth.  I suppose it is possible to have genital abnormalities without being intersexed, per se.

What do you think?  Should I consider myself intersexed?  Does it really matter?

hm that's interesting suposedly i had a surgrie almost exactly like yours  my mom's never explained it to me what happened but i have a lingererg feeling that i am an intersexed person let me explain for a sex my face looks girlish but boyish ihave these (gropes her own breasts) 44D breasts and what i beleiva are not my balls are actually my overies is there anyway of finding out the truth for myself?


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