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Hi, I was just curious, what areas would have the largest TG community in the US, or even in Canada for that matter? I was thinking San Francisco, but I'm really not sure. Anyone have any thoughts?


Hello Kristiana.

Hmmmmmmmmmm   I can't answer that without doing a little digging.  However the largest communities are probably located in our three largest cities: Montreal, Toronto,  and Vancouver, but that's just a guess on my part.  So what do my fellow Canadians think.

I know that in Enterprise, Ontario there is only One - Me... :)


I concur, Steph, probably Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

In my small town (of 30,000) there are three FtM's and one MtF that I know of.


Hello Kristiana and welcome to Susan’s most wonderful Place (=

For what it is worth, US side I understand San Francisco, Portland and Seattle to have a decent presence.
Closest town to me would seem to have 7MtF in the area and this place is the back of beyond, but in-between San Francisco and Portland so mayhaps that accounts for some of it.

Please feel free to join in on the conversations (=

And approximately where would that be 4years? I'm thinking Redding/Chico area possibly.  I'm in Sac and we have tons of support groups and such around here, though they are mostly CD/TV related. I don't associate with any of these other then the inevitable encounters as they don't seem to understand my non interest in makeup, clothing and shoes and I'd just rather leave them to thier fun and games without being sarcastic about getting a clue.

But yes, anywhere in and around the Bay Area, and L.A. area are definitly "hot spots" in California, though there are many towns and places in this state which haven't come much out of the mid 20th centry in regards to GBLT peoples, and east of Sac, and between Sac and L.A. the lines are pretty well drawn also, some areas more then others.



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