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Redding... I think I’ve mentioned that before… old boards though come to think of it.
I know of no support groups in the area; Chico should have one but near, that is not ;)


--- Quote ---Redding...
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Watch out for Bigfoot!!!!!!!!!!

 ;D   beth

Bah, no worries.. far too many people about for bigfoot visitations. Though, what I worry about is the mountain lions…


I agree that in Canada the three largest cities with a <not allowed> community would be Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

In the small village that I live close to I am sure that I am the only one,.
Unfortunately small communities are not too accepting of <not allowed> persons, and we all have to go a distance to larger cities to even shop

Denise Love

Hi All,

The largest center of TG communities in the US is Miami/West Palm Beach. We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for about 10 years and although there is a large gay community I don't recall that the TG community was all that big. L.A. by comparison had a much larger community than S.F.



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