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--- Quote from: mtfbuckeye on April 26, 2009, 08:26:57 am ---The really frustrating thing is that my wife sends mixed signals sometimes, like when she told me that she wouldn't have a problem being in a lesbian relationship (but that she didn't think she could deal with my "in between" phase)... or the fact that she encouraged me to come out to friends and family, tell them I was trans and planning to transition. So now my parents and hers know I'm trans, which is awkward... and a lot of my friends think I'm a flake for saying I was going to transition and then "flip flopping."

--- End quote ---

Yes I can see how that complicates matters, and it could also make controlling your GID harder as time goes on.

Unfortuantely only time will tell... :icon_bunch:


You will have to follow your own mind, heart and needs. That will help make you content and happy with your life. If you are not at peace with yourself you will never be able to bring peace to anyone else involved in your life. At least it appears no one has tarred and feathered you yet, so there is hope.



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