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Crash Supermodel Diet log
« on: April 27, 2009, 01:40:15 am »

I'm starting this log after having gone a month without meat to test if I had the willpower to do this.

I've succeeded.

I feel amazing, and I'm losing a lot of muscle that had stubbornly clung to my body.

I've decided to shoot for a weight that I haven't had since I was a young teenager: 100 pounds.  I'm currently stuck at 120 at 5'2.
It's not only because I have every intention of modeling soon.  It's also because well, I want to remodel my body.  You have to bleach your hair before you can make it green or blue or something, so I think before I can actually get a soft feminine physique I need to lose everything but skin and bones and build back up from there with a carefully monitored diet.  So if I can drop to 100 pounds, then I'll build up with healthy fats and protein sources and start running again and get to a body that I can be proud of.

This is a blog dedicated to recording this.

Thus far I've gone a month without meat, it's taken a major toll on my calorie intake per day but hey, I did it.  My bodyfat didn't seem to drop too much, but my bowel movements became much more frequent and thus my waist much thinner, like WOAH thinner.  My body was in a constant state of screaming hunger without heavy, dense meat to fill it up, but it's died down to a low rumble.

Now I'm going to cut out pasta and bread.  My goal is to live off of veggies and fruit and flintstones vitamins and let my body attack its own muscles for a source of protein and carbs.  If I'm not getting progressive results, then I'll be cutting out even more and living off broccolli and tomatoes and pure willpower.

So:D  Starting tomorrow, no pasta, meat, or bread^_^

I'll be keeping this blog by weekly updating with current weight and two pics in the same garb at the same spot, along with any complaints, etc.  ^_^

100 pounds, here I come...

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April 27th, 2009

Weight: 119 pounds.

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