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50 lbs. gone

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i started my diet the middle of may and have lost 50 lbs. as of this week. ;D  my goal is to lose another 50.  and damn it i am going to do it.
in august of last year i was put on a steroid for temporal arteritis. i was already overweight.  the next month is when my wife passed away, she was the cook.  not being a cook myself i was eating all the wrong things. i got off the steroid in april 2006 and had gained weight all the way to 286. then decided i needed to do something.  i checked out several diet plans and decided on nutrisystem.  i am now eating six times a day just small portions.  recently started exercising.  weighed my self this week and lo and behold i am down those 50lbs.  50 more to go. :) 

 damn i feel so much better. good thing about losing this weight is that my shirts are too big.  now when i go out the big shirt hides the bra i am wearing. ;)  i know i will soon make my first trip out dressed en femme.  looking forward to it and also a little nervous.

  i love being here at susans.   hugs amber

Hey, Amber,

Good job! Obviously you have some motivation to lose it, and I think that when you see yourself in the mirror with that new outfit you plan on wearing out, you will know why you are doing this, along with the improved health and well-being you probably already feel. 

I have lost about 40 pounds so far, most of it over the past 2 years and have 40 or 50 to go.  I didn't do it on a set weight-loss plan, although yours seems to be working very well, with the exception of following the Carl Hurley plan, which is "Stop having those little intimate little dinners for two when there's only me there!" 

Keep it up Girl!

Susan K

Good for YOU, Amber!  :)

Keep it up, girl, you'll be in the size you want bfore you know it!


Wow.... Great stuff Amber, keep it going.

I have just done 35lb in 6 month...


Jillieann Rose:
That's great news Amber.  :eusa_clap:Keep going girls.
I've lost over 38 lbs by walking and better eating habits over the last 1 1/2.
I also try to drink lots of water and I thik that helps too.


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