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Coming out as a Jewish transperson?


I'm just curious if there are any Jews that have come out to their families and synagogues and what the response was. Most of my Jewish friends tend to be open-minded about homosexuality and other minority groups but I'm not sure how they would react to coming out as trans. If you could, share your experiences 

This is not personal experience per se, but my family is Jewish and I have many Jewish friends.  One friend, who's actually studying Hebrew in college, had one of the warmest reactions imaginable when I told him about my girlfriend.  'Course, he's gay himself, but hey.

I have a feeling that my family would be okay with it.  Some of them might not 'understand,' and some might be 'confused,' but I don't think any of them would go so far as to disown a transperson or treat them badly.  I think the worst reaction would be awkwardness once in a while or a barrage of questions.  But there'd be some 'best' reactions, too. :) A mixed bag I guess.  Lots of generations and varying levels of 'liberalness' in my family.

Hi, I'm not Jewish, so I was wondering whether the question of circumcision had come up?  Will that be cause for confusion as to whether you can be accepted as a man?

Laura Nin:
I went back to Temple Emanuel after going full time as a woman.  The main reaction was "wow you look good like that!"  I'm sure there are people in the congregation who don't like transsexuals, but because the leadership (including the Rabbi) have totally accepted me, nobody has ever been rude to my face.

They are just glad to have me back.  I'll have the gender change ceremony when I get back from MontrĂ©al.  Then I will be female according to Jewish law.



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