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Photo, avatars, and signature policy
« on: May 15, 2009, 10:37:48 am »
You may use photos in posts which enhance the discussion of the topic with the following limitations. These rules also apply to avatars and signature images.

Excessive image width and height
Pictures should be posted in the smallest width and height possible to clearly convey their purpose.

You can specify the width and height by using the following image code.

[img width=48 height=48]http://somesite/image.gif[/img]

Adjust the 48 to whatever numbers work for the image in question.

Animated images are prohibited.

File Sizes
Not everyone has a broadband connection so image file sizes should not be larger than 250k

Excessive images
Posts which feature only images on non-image specific threads, or where the images exceed the content of the text in the message may be edited or removed.

Photos posted solely to communicate sarcasm or derision; are intended to belittle or ridicule a person or group; or to disgust the viewer; are off topic, and will be removed by staff.

That includes images such as

Which while funny does not contribute directly to the topic at hand.

Keep it tasteful
Photos which show nudity; or people wearing undergarments or lingerie are not permitted. Clothing which is designed and intended to be worn in public (including sports bras and swimsuits ) does not fall under this policy.

Signature and Avatar  images
Signature and Avatar  images should be kept small, a good rule of thumb is if your signature or Avatar regularly exceeds the size of your post content, you might need to size it down. I would strongly recommend signature images be no taller than 200 pixels as a maximum size. Smaller is better.

Lastly, always respect the copyrights of photographers. Be sure you have permission, or that the use of the image would fall under fair use before posting a picture. Always give credit the photographer or graphic designer when possible.

If you are not certain if a photo or signature image would violate this policy feel free to ask a staff member or private message me directly.
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