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Trans-sexuality and the goddess

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Witch of Hope:
I am a Wicca, and I was transsexual. As a former member of the LDS church, and as a visitor of different services, I think of being able to permit to myself a judgment.
In most Christian churches transsexual people (or other TG) aren't seen with pleasure, and are patient at best ".
How, however, does it look to my religion which is a goddess's religion? Are transsexual people also condemned here? How was it in ancient times? And how does the goddess see tg people?
What do you mean?
I know the answer, but I would hear with pleasure your opinion in addition.

The answer is "It depends." Some prominent Wiccans and other pagans are vehemently trans-phobic, because they have this notion of two, precisely two, never-changing sexes as essential t the structure of the universe. So anything that threatens that is evil, anti-nature, and anti-Goddess. I'm really not exaggerating; you can find this kind of claim in some of Starhawk's books, and among some Dianic writers, among others.

Others take the view that the creative force of the universe is big and generous enough to encompass all kinds of people, and that what leads you to be at peace with yourself and able to view the world with love, courage, a desire for justice, and an appreciation for beauty and wonder proves itself good.

I'm one of the latter. :)

My opinion is this:

Most people are unable to seperate transexuality from homosexuality.  So, to them, transsexuals are gay, and being gay is a sin.  When you sin, you go to Hell.  End of story.

But, if you consider that God is kind, loving and forgiving, then he as our Father has no choice but to accept us into his arms in Heaven.

Does this mean that we can do whatever we please on this earth with no fear of eternal damnation?  No, it doesnt.  The catch is that when we stand in front of the Father, we have to be truly repentant for the wrongs that we commited on this earth, and accept his forgivness.  If we cant do that, then its eternal damnation.  The choice is always ours.

As wiccans though, we don't buy into the "sin" concept.

In my experience most wiccans are generally open-minded and accepting.


I will, however add to that, that I've met some very right-wing christian people that have surprised me and been accepting and loving.

Yeah, I've come to believe that some qualities of basic decency and respect really are completely independent of what we think our values are. :)


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