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Shana A:
This area of the forum was set up for non-op people to talk with each other about our lives and to offer and receive support. To the best of my knowledge, no one is prohibited from posting here, whether or not they identify as non-op. If you don't believe that we exist, that's your right, nothing we say here will change your mind. I do however request that you respect our right to self identify as we choose. Telling someone who is non-op that she is a dual transvestic fetishistic whatever is not supportive. Telling her that she is in denial doesn't constitute support either.

I might not understand everyone's choices but I honor them. If you tell me that post op, you are no longer transwhatever, I won't identify you as such. Please accord us the same respect!


You mean I'm not a figment of my own imagination?  Besides, I love being preached at, it serves as a constant reminder of what I hate about church.



--- Quote from: Tasha Elizabeth on December 24, 2009, 04:27:56 pm ---yeah tekla, youre just a daydream  :laugh:

--- End quote ---

Ye but she is my fave daydream. The only one that gives a serious reality check almost everytime she posts. That and talented with words, which sadly, I am not.

Northern Jane:
I think you are in much the same not-to-be-spoken-of kind of group as "true transsexuals", except maybe the latter term invokes more anger in "the community".

Intolerance arises in the most unexpected places.

Follow your own path no matter what anyone else says!


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