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Transsistahs and Transbrothas Conference [KY]


Kate Thomas:
Changing The Paradigm
October 19-22
Louisville, KY

--- Quote ---at the Galt House Hotel and Suites from October 19-22 in Louisville, KY. The TSTBC is a conference organized to address the issues and concerns of the African-American transgender community. Some of the topics we explore and discuss include spirituality, African-American transgender images in the media, African-American transgender history makers and reasons why they are not mentioned in overall GLBT history, transgender people in prison, medical issues and transition tips for college students.

Last year seminars focused on the cultural differences between the African-American and Caucasian communities, building working relationships - economic and cultural and job interview skills. The job interview seminar dovetailed nicely with the other unique aspect of the conference, the first annual Career and Education Fair in which corporations such as Charter Communications participated. There is also a transmen only rap session in which they discussed their unique issues.

--- End quote ---


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