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It seems that there are more  people than we thought are going to be arriving on Friday, October 6th. Which is cool, we just want to know who will be there on Friday with flight arrival times so we can see if we need to come up with more of a plan for Friday or not.

Pam and I will be there at 8:30am  Yikes. 


I'm already there. ;)


I'll probably be getting there thrusday or friday myself.... Im leaving either tuesday or wendsday night and going to drive as long as possable for each leg of the trip....  *shrugs*  not sure of the time, but I'll have my laptop with me and post the progress of the trip if something comes up or something....  *Truckstops have wifi now LoL*

Passenger(s): Tinkerbell
Alaska Airlines record locator: *****
Ticket type requested: electronic (e-ticket)

Orbitz record locator: ******
Airline ticket number(s): *********


Friday, October 6, 2006
arrive Portland early in the morning on Friday the 6th.



Monday, October 9, 2006

Hotel Information 
Hotel name: Red Lion Inn & Suites Portland Airport
Portland, OR 97220
Check-in date: Fri, Oct 6, 2006
Check-out date: Mon, Oct 9, 2006
Total number of guests: 1
Total number of rooms: 1 room
Room: N/A

Thank you, Marco ;)

tinkerbell :icon_chick:

Tinkerbell likes window seats. :)



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