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NY Transsexual Teacher Inappropriate Role Model Says Knight

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The community has been embroiled in controversy since school officials announced a male teacher at the high school -- who has been diagnosed with a "transsexual disorder," says AP -- is going through a medical transition and is dressing as a woman. Bob Knight with the Culture and Family Institute says the district should be putting the interests of its students first, but "like much of the public educational blob, is [instead] showing utter contempt for the parents."

Knight contends that, by its actions, the district is telling parents it does not care if children become "sexually confused" by the transsexual teacher, or that someone "with a serious gender-identity disorder is being placed as a role model" in front of the students.


Once again, fear & ignorance come from the mouth of these so-called religious people...

If a person is tg/ts, they MUST be a danger to kids.  What a bunch of ... hogwash!


Yeah, it sounds like people are afraid that it's contageous or something.


Well, that is how they get you to spend 10% of your earning (tithe) to support the church. If you don't you will probably go to Hell. You have heard them all yell about fire and brimstone well, its the same. Scare tactics. Like in the 50's we had to hide under our desks just in case a A-bomb would hit us. WHAT! If an atom bomb hits who cares. They like to throw the scare tactics around, but look at them. Almost everyday you will see someone who is from some church molesting children.

Fear is the main tool of the right wing extremists, within and outside of our government.  And think of how much stuff fear makes us buy!

The funny thing is, that the students all pretty much say, "So what?"  It's a few (about 5%) bigoted parents and some right wingers with an axe to grind that are complaining.

I think it's very commendable that the school's administration has drawn a line and basically refused to facilitate the bigotry by refusing to transfer kids out of her class without a good reason.



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