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A frog walks into a bank.
« on: July 20, 2005, 11:45:00 am »
Okay you have to read this one all the way through. No fair peeking at the punch line.

A frog walks into a bank and walks up to a loan officer.

He sees the name of the loan officer Patricia Whack. Ms. Whack, the frog says,
My name is Kermit Jagger. My father is Mick Jagger, I need a loan for fifty thousand dollars.
I't should be no problem as I know the bank manager.

Well, says Ms Whack, I'll need to see some collateral.

No problem, says the frog and he reaches into a bag and pulls out a beautiful pink porcelin elephant.

I'll have to see the bank manager about this says Ms Whack, and she takes the pink elephant to the bank manager.

She tells the bank manager there's a frog out here who calims to be Mick Jagger's son, says he knows you, wants a loan for fifty thousand dollars and he gave me this for collateral. What is this?

The bank manager looks at the elephant and replies, It's a nick nack Patty Whack give the frog a loan his old mans a Rolling Stone.

Can't get that little ditty out of your head now, can you?