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Hey everyone share your TG related stuff here with me. did this one this mornin in photoshop:

I made it now my dysphoria's better today. Really let some steam off. It's not really finished obviously but i never finish stuff anyways. I can post more if anyone's interested. Share!

Never really done art related to TG or dysphoria, so I tried a quick 20 minute one.

Wow. cool pics, guys.
Monty - yours is trying to break free. good work on the body there.

Northy - i think yours is screaming, but what else is going on there?

Woooo Dude.  That was ... ah ... something else.  I am still trying to decide if I like it or not, but it is definitely interesting.


Very nice work guys.

Produce more and show your work at a local art fair.

If I had more spendible cash on hand I would fork over some for your work.

Thanks for my daily "moment of Zen."



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