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Legal question about wills & such.

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  I've been thinking about my recent health issues including the lastest problem with my heart arrythmia.  While I don't anticipate dieing anytime really soon I have been thinking a lot about making sure my affairs are in order.

  I have no idea what I need to do in order to make sure my wishes are carried out upon my death.  Do I have to have a will? And if so is there any way to do that myself without a lawyer (no money)?  While my assests are meager I would like to make sure that there are no fights or arguements concerning my property between my genetic family and my "adopted" family. 

  Also...probably more importantly...I had a friend who was TS that died early this year.  She was a beautiful young woman who had lived fulltime for many many years.  Although she was pre-op she had already had breast implants and FFS I believe.  She was unclockable I don't care how long you stared at her.   She was so pretty and after her death from a brain aneurism her mother stepped in and somehow legally took charge of everything.  She banned all my friends "family and friends" from attending the funeral and she also had them prepare the body so she was buried as male.  I can't imagine what kind off horrible things they must have done to her to make her presentable as male.  I do NOT want this to happen to me.  I need to know if anyone knows if there is a way to keep this from happening?  I wouldn't put it past my family to pull the same thing in the event of my death.

  I realize this seems a bit morbid but over the last couple days I've had look at my own mortality really hard and I'm so unprepared.  I don't think I can have any real peace until I know my "family" is taken care of and that should something happen my wishes will be honored.

I don't know if the procedure is the same in every state, but in my case, I do have a will because the person shown as my beneficiary is not a family member nor a close relative.  It is best to check with your attorney to be sure.

tinkerbell :icon_chick:

My will is written, and has been for years.... My best friend is executor of the estate and knows exactly what to do.... He will respect my wishes  :)

Hi BrandiOK..

I have had a will well before I transitioned and changed this when I legally changed my name, so as to update the content as well. The executor is my solicitor in the UK, I have given two copies to my best friends, one in the UK one here.

I have seen several cases of dying intestate, where no will has been made and relatives are bickering and argueing over who get what.

The thought of being buried as Male always bothered me, although this is no longer an issue as my birth certificate has been legally changed to "Girl"


Nolo Press has all kinds of legal forms that you can get online for little cost.  For the will you will likely need a witness and to have it notarized.

www dot nolopress dot com

You will need to have legal documents to prevent the things that you are worried about.  You should have some means of notification to your will executor if you die as well.  If your executor (who can be anyone) doesn't know about your demise and your will, then it won't have any effect.  Your family will then be able to do what they will with you.


Hey... this should go in the wiki.  There is nothing there about wills!


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