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Legal question about wills & such.

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Just my luck...I live here in one of the only states so GLBT unfriendly that they amended thier constitution so GLBT can NOT be used as a basis for discrimination or be considered as a basis for "hate" crimes.   

I have friends in many "professional" fields such as doctors but I don't know a single lawyer who could help me out on this on an "I owe ya" basis.  :(


Yeah...I'm having one of those negative days...meh.

Check around for legal assistance.  I have known those who have used a DIY kit and they fall very short.  Plus laws change and I recently experienced that one myself.  My mother has since updated her's so that my sister and I do not go through the same hassle when she passes on.

I do not have one as of yet.  Once I die I could care less what they do to the body or anything that I used to own.  Sell it, burn it, whatever.  If I ever get serious enough to co-habitate with a SO again that may change in order to protect the SO.

  Another reason I worry about it is because my best friend had decided to update all his information and create a will so his family would be cared for even though he was young.   Two months later he was killed in a car accident and I can't help but wonder what kind of legal troubles there would have been for his family if he hadn't done that. 

  My father died when I was 13 and had no will or insurance or anything.  The years following that were a financial hell for us and, despite the fact I am basically an invisible member of the family now, I would still like them to be cared for in the event of my death.


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