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Bethany W:
It seems like all around the world and since the beginning of time many Shamans have been gender benders. This seems to hold true on every continent.

Ive even met other transvestite moden-day shamans in the concrete jungle.

I wonder if shamanism attracts crossdressers or crossdressing attracts shamans.

 i follow the shamanic paths via the native american traditions, and for me it has allowed me the opportunity to be alot more comfortable and accepting of who i really am                              jaylynne500

Shamanism has been popular among people in my country since the prehistory period. My maternal grandmother was a shaman, and my younger sister is a strong candidate for a shaman (but she refuses it, and the prophecy says she will suffer from it, and indeed she does).

When a shaman calls a soul of woman, then he or she tends to wear women's dress, and vice versa. Thus, I have seen many female shamans wear ancient military uniforms when they call souls of ancient generals.

Shamanism had been a kind of national religion until 5-6 th century A.D. We have records on an elite group of young men who served the queen who de facto ruled the state. At that time, politics and religion were one. The name of the elite group was literally 'men in flower' and some records say they plucked out they eyebrows and wore a kind of foundation, wearing flowers in their head. The person in the right of the following picture was probably an elite man at that time:

The above picuture was painted in the 7-th century A.D.

I guess their sex with the queen was a part of the religious ritual. Also, some heterodox history records describe homosexualism, crossdressing and <not allowed>. Those free tradition gradually disappeared after the patriarchical Confuciansim was introduced in 5-6 th century A.D. This would be the same in the West when the patriarchical Christianism spread around the Europe.


I practice a Shamanist/Animalist path and I like the freedom it gives me. :)

I think that because many trans can see both sides of humanity in a way the cisgender can never do it gives us an insight and awareness others do not have.
I think that our desire to not be in the bodies we are born with makes it easier to become one with the spirit worlds.

There is definatly a conection.

Oh yeah...I also work with a form of shaminism.


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