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You see the same thing in the great works of Alchemy, Falconelli etc.

I practice celtic shamanism. Shamanism really helped me understand sexuality. There's one article I read from a shaman elder about how gay men in his culture are considered special beings who are The Gatekeepers. It made me like shamanism a lot because unlike some other religions, Shamanism is extremely accepting of other gender and sexual identities =)

Shaman at higher degrees are in contact/communicate with souls, especially those of animals. Shamans a known to search for souls, yet the soul search doesn't mean the soul is lost. In some sense, the shaman need the incarnate ability to understand the locution of other souls, as their own soul and another soul's position or focus. This would even include to feel the senses of the body in which the shaman incarnated. This may seem similar to possession, yet more like shared memory (in computer science terms).

We could divide the function of the body where part of the experience is stored in the body itself and not of the brain/mind. These experiences could be shared with incarnates of that body. This is the role of avatars to control the body. We could simply say that the avatar/incarnate knows to lift an arm, yet the body has the memory of how exactly every cell in the body's arm should move. This is probably you know you usually don't think about and remember.

We could go further and detail what parts of the memory belong to the body and which belong the mind or soul. I'm not gonna bore you.. *wink*


--- Quote ---i follow the shamanic paths via the native american traditions
--- End quote ---

I am puzzled by remarks like this. Could you please explain what you mean?

^ Ditto. As a Native American myself, I'm always a little confused when people say they follow "the" Native American tradition. I'm always like, "Uh, which one?"

I'm an eclectic pagan, and I include bits and pieces from a variety of shamanic traditions in my work. I consider my shamanism and transsexuality to be inextricably linked. In fact, I doubt I would have ever figured out what the hell was going on with me if I hadn't started working with Coyote.


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