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How drastic are the changes?

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I've been considering the full suite of operations to become a complete woman.  One of my questions is how drastic will the feminization effects of HRT be?  I know it will be several months, but I at least want to know how reasonably female I'll look.  Right now I'm just about as slovenly male as one can get.  Yes I do plan on losing my weight first.

Can't answer how drastic the changes of HRT would be stephanie, that depends on many things, genetics, the skill of your doctors and the kind of care you give yourself.  I think though it would be safe to say that over time, the overall changes to your life though would be drastic to say the least.

How you would adjust and cope with these changes are a matter only you can determine.  given the same set of circumstances and opportunity, there is always the fact that the achievements of two different people will not be the same.

This is not a matter in which you go into it with any preconceived ideas or absolute conditions or predictions.  You go in with all you got, face what comes and take the hits that will come while trying to remain sane in an insane situation.  If you are one of the few to whom it would be an insult to call lucky, then and only then will you have the answers you fought so hard to find, and no one can tell you now if they are the ones you want to hear.  It is one of the very few journeys in life where you do not know the destination with certainty when you start and in many cases can be much different then you started out to find.


As Terri said the exact amounts depend on too many things to accurately determine.
Nonetheless, this link may be of use to give you a general idea: Typical Results.
It is highly probable you will always see something wrong with yourself, but that is the nature of the beast ;)

Hello Stephanie

As Kimberly and Terri-Gene have said, there are too many variables to be able to discuss the effects of HRT on individuals.  The link previously mentioned is a good starting point and will give you a general idea of what to expect.  Your weight may not be a factor but before starting any form of regeme involving drugs, you should ensure that you are in good health, and consult your doctor for advice, and in turn he/she may put you in touch with specialists who are generally better able to deal with HRT.


Thanks for the link, and the responses.  I'm just nervous when it comes to this because it's such a big change and I want to look right when it's done (whatever "right" may be).


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