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Shameful! A furry!

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I haven't drawn anthros nor furrys since I was really small and before I knew there was a word and culture for them. I'm not into the whole scene but I did have an alter ego that I never drew that I would like to revive. Everything drawn on him I own. I even have the same amount of piercings he does. So yeah, he's me in a toony wolfy form.
This is a rough I just did out of a short burst of inspiration and lack of sleep. I'm liking him so I am going to clean him up and do a final drawing of him so I can stick him on my art blogs and such. But I decided to show the sketch here anyways with all of you first.
At last, presenting, Kamren! The gentle artsy geek :P

[Image Removed]

sweet. i like his eyes.


Awsome, Shanawolf should be interested she is a
furry artist of the lobos persuasion also.

oh he's too cute! <3

Teen Wolf grows up.  ;D



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