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Hi all,
I have been drawing now for about 9 years, and I love it! I tend to draw in a manga style as I find that style flowing and appealing. I often wonder what I would look like as a manga character!!!
Anyway it's all good fun, hehe.

Since an early age I have had an obcession with mermaids and fae and the like and hence I have drawn them, I would post some of my artwork up, but almost all of it is hand drawn and I haven't got a scanner yet!
So hopefully you will be able to see some of my drawings when I manage to get them online!


Have you tried a program called ArtRage? It's free to use with a limited number of the tools. It's inexpensive if you want it all.

It allows you to draw freehand or paint or even use crayons.

I have got some programs on my laptop I use but I am still coming to terms with the difference. I have corel painter 11 and adobe Photoshop I think the latest version. Plus a tablet to draw on. But I will have a look at artrage!

Corel 11 is the latest. Photoshop CS4 would be latest for that program.
I look forward to seeing some art from you. If you have any questions on the technical side of things I can always lend a hand.


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