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I guess it depends on how desperate you are to get out of the city.  With all the shootings that have been going on recently I can imagine that it would be quite soon  :)

--- Quote ---I have people who might be interested, at some point, in assisting me to move out of the city permanently and join their community.
--- End quote ---

However as much as I would like to say "follow your heart" I think you should wait a little and see how it developes, as it doesn't seem as though it's a given right now.  Some prudent planning may avoid your heart being broken.  But heck, if you are desperate to get out of the city, then persue your heart.   :)

Take care,


Hi Tiffani:

I totally agree with your thoughts, that it is much nicer to live outside the city of Toronto, regardless of where it is.( you could have not paid me enough money to live and work in Toronto )
I was  born in Long Branch,( now part of Metro Toronto, ) however my parents bought the property i am now living on in Eastern Ontario many years ago.
I too love camping.  I as you when i started out loved the outdoors, and camping in a tent out in nature was the only way to go.
I have now gravitated to a travel trailer, primarily for health reasons, but still love the out of doors, and in fact i am living on a parcel of land about 16 acres which has river water frontage.
Moving is a big decision, and one that has to be give a great deal of
thought as to where you wish to where you wish to spend the rest of your life, if this is to be your last move. I moved many times because of employment , however the company paid most of the expences, but moving these days is very costly.
Be guided by your heart and also your common sense, as if you select the wrong location,  you will be on the move again. Wether you go North, East or West, it has to be a personal decision, and there are a lot of good camping  spots in any direction from Toronto



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