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Has being in transition left you with breasts, and how do this make you feel

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I lived full time in role, on hormones for approximaltey 9 years, and now 5 years out of transition still have my 36b breasts. They are my reminder everyday of my real self. They affect my life in good and bad ways, Dating...I go for the honesty option..becuase sooner or later (LOL as I like to say "in the unlikey event of" having a partner)..I'd have to address my past and honesty is the best policy...otherwise that frist passioante kiss and cuddle may be abruptly halted by a " you have better <not allowed> than me..."
Swimming ; Going to the local pool is ...unrecommended..unless your into stares and poorly masked whispers.
Wearing tight T shirts in work not to you'll give the girls somthing to talk about till christmas, and the guys fighting feelings of sexual confusion.
Playing sports...while running I wear a tankini top, it keeps them from bouncing around, cycling I wear it too to reduce my female silhouette..
From a positive side still having my breasts feels good becuase its my private rebellion as Sarah, when I dress to find some peace having my breasts in a bra, and seeing my shape in a nice dress makes me smile.
Maybe one day I'll find a partner who I can tell and will be fine with me, Sarah and her breasts.

Just Kate:
I still have them, fortunately not large - didn't have the genetics for larger breasts.  I don't go shirtless pretty much anywhere.  I bind if necessary, but normally it isn't needed unless I'm wearing something form fitting on top.

Susan Dundee:
I lived as a male with small breasts from hormones for years. As long as you don't wear tight fitting clothes is unlikely anyone will notice.  Perhaps fortunately I did not develop larger boobs or it might have become a problem.  Looks like I will have to pay for them!


Hi, I have been taking a low dose of Estrogen for the past few months without supervision (stopped for now till I talk to my doctor). I have naturally low testosterone levels and that coupled with the estrogen-while the resulting growth is not spectacular, the shape of my chest has definately changed. When I stand up straight you can easily see them. An aquaintence of mine who I see on a regular basis usually asks me what kind of exercise regimine I use as my chest is bigger than it was before. I just smile and say I do the same routines-calesthenics and stretches I used while in karate school. One of my sisters who I see often has also noticed a difference. When we first see each other the first thing she does is look at my chest then my fingernails (she knows I have always wanted to be female).


So there is more than one randi out there.  I only care what people see a little.  If I'm in a mixed crowd i usually throw on a loose Tee shirt when swimming.  This summer i got a Jellyfish up my back in that tee shirt.  After that I didn't care what others thought the shirt was off.  I don't wear knit shiirts unless i'm in a provacative mood.  My general rule is I'm not in the closet, but I won't shove my challenge in your face.  If someone comments, I ask if they really want to know.  If they do I just tell them I'm Gender Dysphoric what more do they want to nkow.


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